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"I believe that it's inevitable for "hurting people" to hurt people."

In adoration of My Lord and Savior, I am privileged to tell my testimony of how the Lord led Renae Nelson to bless my life. At 15 years old, I was destined for damnation. My character was destructive, my habits were inconsistent, my actions were selfish, my decision were questionable, my emotions were desolate, and even the words I listened to, entertained, and believed were not the full truth! I literally was a product of my surroundings, headed toward a life of self-inflicted pain, suffering, and hardships.

But as the old folks say, "There is a bomb in Gilead." From the first conversation I had with Renae, it was something in her that my flesh did not agree with. My flesh resented the outpouring of love that she meekly displayed in her words, her emotions, her decisions, her actions, her habits, and her character.

Renae has always told me the truth about myself, even though it is painful to hear the truth. The truth that God anointed Renae to tell me was the beginning of me being set free. My first step was to admit my mistakes, and not to continue to blame others. Renae reminds me of a "preacher" that the sinner literally "runs" from when the sinner is not trying to live a life pleasing to God. With Renae, if it's not God's way; then it's no way. That has been a blessing for me to actually see a person live what they talk about. It's one thing to know the Holy Bible (as satan does), its another level that is only reached through the power of the Holy Spirit, to SUBMIT to God's word, God's truth! A woman of Integrity is far greater than any worldly appointed queen.

I believe that it's inevitable for "hurting people" to hurt people. I unconsciously and sadly felt power in other people's pain. But Renae told me the truth, and she has the Spiritual Gift to Discern. She showed, and continues to show, the Love of the Lord. Renae is "Salt". I can remember telling Renae some crazy story about me stripping in a club as a teenager. Renae loved me anyhow. She has never been judgmental of me. Renae epitomizes Wisdom. Her wisdom has not been the foolish wisdom of the world. It has been a signal that God loves me, and He is my fortress.

She asks the right questions at the right time, to get the full story. It's rare, and to converse with a sinner or a disciple, preacher, prophet, or whoever that actually listens with their eyes, ears, and the Spirit of God! What an obedient woman, who God the Father has favor on, to give that Gift to? Many therapists, counselors, and doctors are not able to utilize this Gift. That's big, that is worthy of God's praise, a woman who submits to the Great Commission!

Finally, Renae's ministry has challenged me! Ignorance is a reason why many have and will perish. But Renae's willingness to share the things of God bears responsibility for the speaker and the hearer. I guess I was "running" (as I stated earlier) because I did not want to obey God's commands. And how priceless it is to find a "needle in a hay stack,, an "athlete in a marathon" who runs solely for the Kingdom of God, regardless to the fact that she is attacked by the enemy, yet running in Victory, just as God's word reveals, WE WIN, JUST RUN FOR JESUS!!

I salute God for Renae Nelson, drinker of Living Water.

-- C. Hunter